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  • How to sit - Pranayama

    Thinking about the discomfort of sitting is the single largest distractor when learning pranayama practices. Find a way to sit that you can hold without effort, focusing your mind instead of the benefits of your breath.

  • Ujari breath - Pranayama

    Learn how to breathe with an accentuated sound and how to use that as a tool to remain present in your practice and body while building inner heat.

  • Counted breath - Pranayama

    Counting each breath may seem simple, but this video shows you how to use it as a tool to drop out of your critical thinking mind and into the physical body. This is the pranayama that every beginner should get to know well.

  • Breath with movement - Pranayama

    Break down the details of flowing with your breath to find a tool that keeps your present in your practice and your body.

  • Sigh - Pranayama

    A sigh seems simple, but often we are too shy to really get into the cleansing breath! Learn how to be brave with the sighing breath and clear stale energy from the body on the way.

  • Humming breath - Pranayama

    Learn how to practice this calming breath that soothes the nervous system and helps to connect us with our truest inner nature.

  • Lip flutter - Pranayama

    Learn how to flutter the lips to let go of tension, anticipation, frustration and any self-consciousness.

  • Om - Pranayama

    Break down the many layers of om to find a sound that resonates with every cell of your body: clearing the stale energy and replacing it with all the good stuff!

  • Alternate nostril breathing - Pranayama

    Learn how to use alternate nostril breathing to settle the mind and emotions while helping you to remain present in the physical body.

  • Lions breath - pranayama

    Learn how to use the invigorating and liberating lion's breath to draw up stale energy from deep within you and to let it go.

  • Breath of fire - Pranayama

    Practice using short, powerful exhales and passive inhales to cleanse the body and calm the mind.