Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation
  • Anxiety - Meditation

    "Worry and anxiety can not change my circumstances. Only positive thoughts and actions can"
    Anxiety is different for everyone: it can range from crippling panic attacks to a constant undercurrent of unease in the stomach. Use this meditation to help manage the physical symptoms of anxiety, softe...

  • Earth and sky - Meditation

    Science has proven that language shapes our thoughts... and we know that our thoughts shape our personality. So in a society where we are constantly fed more and more words that aren't our own - advertising, social media, television, news etc - it's important to plant authentic seeds of our own l...

  • Morning - Meditation

  • Pain - Meditation

    At best, pain can be an annoyance and at worst it can be life-altering. Once pain is felt, we face the decision of either resting - which could mean limiting our independence and causing a psychological strain as well as physical - or continuing to go about our day and risking further injury/irri...

  • Sleep - Meditation